Dating Advice: Is Your Guy A Random Hookup Or A Lasting Thing?

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Men arent mind readers or psychic. Well, some are psychic but not all of them. They dont walk around with a sign on their forehead that says, date me. But, they do try to show us they care about us with little gestures. If youre confused if your guy is a random hookup or a lasting thing, these seven rules should be a huge help.

1. Dinner Please
Does your guy ever take you to dinner? You know, like a real date? Maybe he tells you to dress up and looks quite fine himself. Well, if he takes you on a real date (and pays), youre in luck he probably wants to date you!

2. Slumber Party
After youve been intimate, does he invite you to stay over or does he quietly hint that you should go home? If he looks at you welcomingly and suggests that you spend the night, youre on your way to being in a relationship.

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3. Daytime Romance
Hanging out during the day is a sign that someone likes you. It means they want to be around you in a sober setting. If your time together doesnt always involve alcohol and a late night, your man wants to take your relationship to the next level.

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4. Kiss Me Now
After youve had fabulous sex, does he kiss you or just roll over? Kissing is a sign that he wants to be intimate with you. If he kisses you, hes letting his guard down. If he just rolls over, its time to realize things are going to forever be casual.

5. Meet The Parents
Has your man chirped about you meeting his family? Meeting the parentals is a huge deal. It means your man really likes you and wants to see what his parents think of you. So if he takes you home for the weekend, get excited, because youre in this for the long run.

6. Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue
Women love flowers. Its a known fact. If your man is bringing you flowers or sending them to your home or office, hes a keeper. A man only sends a woman flowers if he wants things to be serious. So keep your eye out for a beautiful bouquet.

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7. Surprise!
When a man cares about a woman, he does little things to make her smile. He surprises her any way he can. If your man has been surprising you recently, hes trying to show you that hes crushing on you.

If you like the man youre seeing and he doesnt do any of these things, its time to say goodbye. As women, were in control of our lives. Its up to us to make sure were being treated like a Queen. Were too important to waste our time, so take things to the next level or ditch him.

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