Dating Advice: 10 Guy Friendly Dates


As women, our idea of the perfect date is a mixture between the ice skating scene in Serendipity, and slow dancing on a desolate street a la The Notebook. Your man, on the other hand, has quite a different picture of what constitutes perfect. Hint: It doesn’t involve the box step. Don’t worry if you’re stumped for ideas–it’s not your fault we were injected with sappy romance from a young age. We’ve put together a list of the top ten guy friendly dates that you’ll both enjoy.

Be the coolest girlfriend ever and suggest the two of you go paintballing. Invite some of your coupled friends along and make it a group thing, but keep you and your guy on the same team. It is a date, after all. Albeit a really awesome one for all involved. Heads up: Getting pelted with balls of paint can hurt, so be sure to wear heavy clothes like jeans and a sweatshirt. This is not a good time to try out your newest pair of stilettos–you can save those for after if any bruises need tending to.

Going out to eat
We all know the saying about getting to a man’s heart via his stomach. Take him somewhere he can really dig in no fancy restaurants with dime-sized portions. However, neither of you want to spend a night out at a fast food restaurant, so pick a place known for their burgers and beer, as well as their inviting decor and great service. Urban Spoon is an excellent resource if you’re stumped on where to go. It narrows your search down by city, neighborhood, type of food, price, and more.


Take a cooking class together
We’re back to food again (do you really mind?), but this time it’s a hands on experience. In between wiping flour on each others’ faces, flicking chocolate into his hair and smacking his hands away from your buns, you two may actually learn something. Or you may not, but either way it’s a unique way to spend an hour. Plus, you get to eat at the end of it.

See a movie
The movie date is tried and true, but when is the last time you let him pick? Grab a gigantic bucket of popcorn and sneak in your favorite candy and soda, raise the armrest, then snuggle up to your guy in your nearest theater. You get double points for IMAX, and triple points for watching something gory or car-related. If you need a break from the visual testosterone-fest, excuse yourself to the bathroom then sneak into New Moon for a few seconds. Take a deep breath, inhale the sexiness that is Robert Pattinson, then return to Zombies 4000 with a smile on your face.


Watch a band perform
Going to shows is often better with a date because you won’t get as nauseated by the other couples present. (If you can’t beat em, join em.) To plan ahead, visit the Myspace page of your favorite artists to see their tour dates. Don’t know who you want to see? Call up or search online for your local music venues, then watch whatever band happens to be performing that weekend. Who cares if the band is terrible? Have fun bonding over your mutual critiques and complaints.

Go to a game
Soccer, baseball, football, whatever–find tickets to any game and your boyfriend will be happy, even if you can’t afford the fancy seats. If you’re not a sports fan, make the experience more enjoyable by learning a bit about the game beforehand. Ask your boyfriend to explain the general rules, and have him tell you about his favorite team. He’ll enjoy the fact that he’s teaching you something, and you’ll be able to understand what’s going on.


Take a class at the Apple store
If your guy is into technology, this is perfect date for you both. Sign up from on of the many fun, creative classes they offer: learn to edit a movie, produce a song, create graphics, and more. This date is unique, and you’ll feel smarter by the end.

Fill-in-the-blank tasting
There is more alcohol out there than just wine, you know. Many cities offer beer and scotch tasting as well. Trying to keep the samplings sober? Go to an ice cream parlor, feign chronic indecisive disorder, and ask to try every single flavor.


Spend a weekend in the snow
If you and your boyfriend can afford it, book a cabin in your nearest ski resort. Spend the weekend making snowmen, learning to snowboard, drinking hot chocolate, and any other extra curricular activities the two of you may enjoy engaging in.

Stay in
If all else fails, go with this fool-proof plan: stay in, wear comfy clothes, order a pizza, and rent some movies you both can enjoy. It’s a simple idea, but we’ve found that nights spend at home together can sometimes be more fun than anything else.