DASH Boutique: A Covert Trip To The Kardashian Mecca


Photo: Joe Kohen, Getty Images

When I was walking around Soho last weekend, I couldn’t help but notice that the hottest accessory on the streets was a bag from the newly opened DASH boutique. Girls of the teen set were lined up around the block just trying to catch a glimpse of the store, or more likely, of its super-famous owners. I knew better than to get anywhere near the place on its opening weekend, but I must admit I was curious considering the sales associates were professionally casted via Craigslist rather than you know, hired, and DASH has neither a website nor a directory listing. In the name of investigative reporting, I stopped by last night to check it out.

105018 1289406315 DASH Boutique: A Covert Trip To The Kardashian Mecca

DASH shares its lobby with an apartment building, so there is no eye-catching signage, and if it weren’t for a few girls posing for pictures outside, I would’ve had a tough time finding it. The first thing that I noticed were the imposing, blown-up black and white portraits of each sister, which by far overshadowed the merchandise. Rick Ross and Kanye West were blaring over the stereo, and there was an overwhelming aroma wafting from the DASH brand candles. I expected the interior of the store to be a little richer (gaudier?) than it was, because hello have you seen the girls’ apartments? But the high ceilings, chandeliers and the willowy, white silk dressing rooms are actually quite elegant.

105019 1289406316 DASH Boutique: A Covert Trip To The Kardashian Mecca

Say what you will about the Kardashian girls, but they are expert branders and have successfully promoted themselves to super-stardom, even though it’s not quite clear what they’re famous for. They’re hawking DASH t-shirts, candles, lip gloss and water bottles that are going for a whopping $10. All of the products they endorse are available for purchase, including Quicktrim and Kim’s perfume. The girls manning the register were cute, bubbly and well-dressed, but not especially attentive to the goings-on inside the store. I guess that’s where the massive security guard comes in.

105020 1289406317 DASH Boutique: A Covert Trip To The Kardashian Mecca

When it comes to the clothing, the price points ranged from $50 for a Wildfox t-shirt to $800 plus for goods from Alice + Olivia and Camilla and Marc and other contemporary brands. There was plenty of leather, sequins, leopard and gold, so it seems that if the sisters had to define a DASH “customer,” it would be themselves. There was nothing particularly inspiring or directional about the styles they had in stock, but we know that wasn’t the goal. The girls revealed that they plan to stock the store with their own line in the future, but with so much high-end competition in the neighborhood, maybe they should leave the fashion to the experts. The next time I’m wandering Soho with some cash to spend, the store is probably not a place I’d stop. But if you’re simply looking to get your hands on a small token bearing the Kardashian name or to feel like you’re part of the fabulous world the family lives in for a minute DASH is your destination.