Daphne Guinness in Her Acting Debut as a French Film Legend

Kerry Pieri

Daphne Guinness has a flair for the dramatic, if her Twitter feed and boudoir scene in the Barneys windows are any indication. Which makes her art house one hour film debut in Joseph Lally’sThe Murder of Jean Seberg for ShowStudio, a bit of a non shocker.

Black and white double exposure scenes are interspersed with regular color shots, overlaid with JFK speeches and images of Daphne as Jean in a kind of Edie Sedgwick in the Chelsea Hotel look, mixed with whole conversations viewed from Jean’s perspective. There’s jealous girlfriends, dead bodies and a cameo by Olivier Zahm wherein he gets choked.

The inspiration wasn’t a veritas look at the tragic life of American girl turned Parisian actress Jean Seberg, but instead a dreamy interpretation of that life.

The main male character says at the end, “I no longer knew myself, for this woman had changed me. I was to be haunted by her for the rest of my life.” When you see the actual closing video of 17 year old Jean Seberg, you believe it. The film is worth a look, and Daphne is rather engaging, though that other dude is a bit of an over actor.

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