Hangover Cure: Daniel Holzman of The Meatball Shop’s Involves Pickles and Hot Dogs

Blair Pfander

holzman 51 Hangover Cure: Daniel Holzman of The Meatball Shops Involves Pickles and Hot Dogs
Maybe it’s because we’ve nursed so many hangovers with his chicken parm sliders, but something told us that Daniel Holzman—co-founder of New York comfort food empire, The Meatball Shop—would know a can’t-miss hangover cure. Our suspicions were well-founded, as it turns out, but we certainly didn’t expect his secret brew to include a rather gross-sounding combination of hotdogs, sour cream and, yes, pickles. Still, given Holzman’s credentials, something tells us this is worth a try.
“A few summers ago, I  spent the weekend with my dear friend, Kon, a first generation Russian immigrant, his mother Marina, and my brother, Eli, at his ‘Dacha’—Russian for country house—in upstate New York.  After Marina retired for the evening, Kon, my brother and I drank like fools. By bedtime we had finished two full bottles of vodka.
Waking in the morning, I was faced with the most severe hangover I have ever had the displeasure of experiencing. I was truly sick. Luckily, Kon’s mother came to the rescue. Marina is a doctor licensed in both Russia and the US, and she is an excellent Russian and Georgian cook. For her hangover cure she prepared ‘Solyanka,’ which is a briny, brothy, hotdog with pickle and olive soup served with lemon and sour cream. I was absolutely nauseated at the sound of it, but to quote Marina, ‘Trust me, I am doctor… and Russian.’ The soup worked like delicious magic.”
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