Dancing with the Stars Show Brings on Susan Boyle


Aaron Carter cried this week. And it wasn’t because no one remembers why he was ever famous in the first place (but we suspect there could be some underlying issues with that as well). This week’s sob fest was justified by his getting kicked off Dancing With the Stars week 8 results episode that left him and Kelly Osbourne fearing their dancing days would be over. Luckily for the rocker Brit, Osbourne was spared another week, while Carter’s routine just didn’t make the cut. And since DWTS is clearly the coolest (and only?) thing he’s done since he was…well, going through puberty, we guess we can sympathize with his tears.

But enough about Aaron Carter. We’re way more excited about Susan Boyle‘s performance of the song that originally made her a star, I Dreamed a Dream, on last night’s episode. Boyle’s voice was beautiful as ever, and she looked a bit more put-together than she did during her debut to the world on Britain’s Got Talent. Seems that Boyle has taken some tips to heart from her Harper’s Bazaar makeover–in fact, the gown she wore on DWTS last night may or may not be the same dress Bazaar dressed her in for their September photo story. What do you think?

Michael Bublé also sang during this week’s show, adding to a performance roster that includes singers like Taylor Swift and Shakira. So if Kelly Osbourne isn’t reason enough to watch next week’s episode, we may tune in just to see who ABC has lined up to take the stage. Until next time…