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How One Woman Squashed Self-Doubt to Pursue Her Passion, Again

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How One Woman Squashed Self-Doubt to Pursue Her Passion, Again

Kristine Cannon

Growing up, Daniela Ramirez loved to dance, but it all came to screeching halt in college for an all-too-relatable reason: Self-doubt got in the way.

“I didn’t feel like I was good enough or didn’t have the body for it,” she admits.

But it didn’t stop her for long.

Now working at a women’s health nonprofit, Daniela quite literally got her groove back, but not without the help from her friend Jess Grippo. Grippo, the owner and leader of You Can Dance Again, has a 31-day dance challenge where participants are encouraged to share daily dance videos on social media.

“The first few videos I didn’t share on Instagram because I was too embarrassed,” she says. But it quickly became her favorite part of her day. “The biggest lesson I learned during the dance challenge was to take some time every day to prioritize something that makes me happy.”

And that she has: She’s danced in the streets, in the basement of her building alongside garbage cans (seriously!), in her office’s conference room — you name it, she’s danced her way through and around it.

Don’t believe us? Just watch her story. Not only will you get inspired by Daniela’s journey, but you’ll also find advice for anyone looking for more joy in their life.

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