This Extremely Advanced Oral Sex Simulator Makes Alone Time So Much Better—Trust Me

Elizabeth Denton
This Extremely Advanced Oral Sex Simulator Makes Alone Time So Much Better—Trust Me
Photo: Dame.

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When it comes to sex toys, there are clunky ones that are purely functional (think: wands) and ones that are especially chic but not necessarily super powerful. It’s rare that one toy is able to achieve both but Dame’s Aer suction toy does just that. The lavender vibrator is, for lack of a better word, really pretty—and really affective. While charging it for the first time on my dresser, I couldn’t help but think it fit right in with the retro-chic home decor trend that’s so popular right now.

But it’s not home decor and definitely shouldn’t be left laying on your bedside table untouched like a collection of aging candles and figurines. It’s made to give your eye-popping pleasure, specifically designed to satisfy vagina-havers either alone or with a partner. It’s Dame’s first suction toy, but it’s not the first on the market. That’s why I asked Dame Products’s co-founder and CEO Alexandra Fine what makes her toy so different than all the rest.

“Most suction products utilize the same concept of changing air pressure in a cavity by manipulating the volume of the enclosed space,” Fine said. “While each product attempts this through a slightly different design, there are a few ways that set Aer apart from the competition.”

She went on to explain that Aer’s “ergonomic shape makes it easy to place it exactly where you want it.” This ensures a consistent seal with the body, either on the head of the clitoris or anywhere else that feels good to you. Don’t limit yourself with this intuitive gadget—go beyond your vulva and think nipples, anal or other pleasure points. “The opening in the tip is bigger than most competitors’ allowing it to accommodate a wider range of bodies and erogenous zones,” she added.

You’ve gotta love technology.

Aer LS 07 This Extremely Advanced Oral Sex Simulator Makes Alone Time So Much Better—Trust Me

If you’ve never tried a suction toy, well, you’re in for a surprise.

This tiny vibe has a lot of power but it’s also soft to the touch. I was worried it would be too much power in such a concentrated place, but Aer has adjustable intensity levels that are easy to manage and switch from. It takes a few minutes to get the hang of the seal, finding the right fit on your unique body. But once you find that spot, it won’t take long for you to reach epic heights.

I also found Aer to be more pulsing than just intense vibration, which is much more comfortable around the most sensitive spots. If social distancing has got you down, or you just want to treat yourself for Valentine’s Day, give Aer a shot and your weekend at home will be much more enjoyable.

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