Everything You Need to Know About the Dallas Cowboys’ New $2 Million Bus

Victoria S. Barton

 Everything You Need to Know About the Dallas Cowboys New $2 Million Bus
We all know that musicians travel between concerts in souped-up tour buses, and sports stars apparently aren’t any different. The Dallas Cowboys (specifically the team’s owner, Jerry Jones) recently made a major bus upgrade, and didn’t pinch pennies on it. The team spent between $1,500,000 and $2,500,000 on a luxury Prevost Marathon Coach, dubbed the “Elegant Lady” (club officials are tight-lipped on the cost, but this model lists for this range, depending on how its finished).
According to The Dallas Daily News, the bus first made an appearance at the Super Bowl in New Orleans, and from here on out, we’ll be seeing it whenever the boys travel. Here, we’ve outlined a list of the luxury amenities that explain the hefty price tag!
1. The bus includes nine televisions, including one propped up on the outside for tailgating (a complete necessity, if you ask us). There are also three Blu-Ray players, in case anyone wants to watch “Friday Night Lights.”
2. To get a sense of the size, the bus is 45 feet long, and has a 225-gallon gas tank.
3. There’s enough space for three huge plush couches, and reclining chairs. The bus seats up to 20 people comfortably. No word on if the “people” are NFL-sized or just regular folk, but either way, there’s plenty of room.
4. There’s a “Dallas Cowboys” team logo on the floor (they do have to represent, after all).
5. If someone feels like whipping up a frozen dinner, there’s a kitchen with a refrigerator and a microwave (not to mention marble counters). There are several hidden coolers around the bus. Unfortunately, it seems the bus lacks a proper oven, so if any of the boys want to make a pot roast, they’ll have to look elsewhere.
6. Naturally there are glass display cases with football memorabilia made of Tiffany crystal.
7. Of course, you won’t have to worry about pesky bus doors, as there are automatic sliding doors to prevent the boys from having to lift a finger.
Tell us—would you want to ride on the Elegant Lady?

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