Dakota Fanning All Grown Up


With a resume like Dakota Fanning’s, it’s sometimes hard to believe that along with her high profile celeb status, she is in fact a 15 year-old high school student. This might be especially hard to believe, given her latest spread in T Magazine. Set in what appears to be a creepy, overcast mansion, and staring out at us with hollowed eyes, she gives us the chills.

Which makes sense, since her next role is that of a bitchy blood-sucking vamp in the second Twilight series movie, New Moon. Unashamed with her character, she tells T Magazine “She’s pretty much evil,” with a laugh. ‘‘Yes, she may feel like she’s just doing her job by torturing people, but that’s evil.”

Also in the works is a film titled The Runaways, where Dakota plays rocker Cherie Currie.