The Daily Show’s Samantha Bee On Playing Santa


When it comes to holiday gift giving, next to Santa Claus himself, the person most excited about the prospect might actually be Daily Show correspondent Samantha Bee, who was literally quivering with anticipation when she sat down with The Inside Source writer Reena Jana to talk about whats going under her tree this year.

Fittingly, the mother of three is also starring in a series of unwrap attack videos as part of eBays Love To Give campaign, featuring the crazy-giddy reactions kids have upon opening holiday presents. In the case of art imitating life, Bee says, It is my obsession to create unwrap attacks in my own home. To accomplish this, she and husband Jason Jones, a fellow Daily Show star, will be taking cues from Bees own childhood traditions, scattering candy canes and chocolates across the floor, paving a path to their Christmas tree. The idea is to make it look like Santa dropped things from his sack because it was so full, she explains.

Not one to spoil a surprise, Bee is fairly tight-lipped when it comes to sharing specifics as to what her loved ones will have to look forward to on Christmas morning, though she does reveal, I bought a selection of childs power tools on eBay: a childs weed wacker, a mini Miele vacuum So we will have matching vacuums! and a toy leaf blower. She also says that several on her list will be receiving iPads including someone who thinks hes just getting socks. As for her husband, shes aiming for an experience gift, citing the success of the football tickets she once gave him: We didnt have enough money at the time such that it was a nonchalant purchase. It was mind-blowing for him. And as for the best present shes ever received, Bee recalls when Jones gave her diamond earrings, which, she says, were mind-blowing for me!

For more on Bees gift-giving strategies, and for a taste of her unwrap attack series, visit The Inside Source.

Meredith Barnett is the Editorial Director for The Inside Source, a digital style magazine presented by eBay. The Inside Source writer Reena Jana authored this article in its original form.

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