Daily Mirror Roundup: Check Out Our Most Stylish Members!


Lately it’s been so hot in New York City that it’s literally hard to breathe, let alone get excited about wearing clothes. But for our lucky readers who have been blessed to live in cooler temperatures the past few weeks (and we’d love to know where that might be), we wouldn’t dare skimp on giving you a little bit of inspiration for your next outfit. We love the looks below, but until our thermometers start to ease up, we’ll be staying in the nude or at least as much as we can get away with and still be SFW. No shirt, no shoes? Well…we wish.

Check out the best of the recent Daily Mirrors uploaded from our readers below!

Amber Saylor
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Who says breton stripes are only appropriate for the Hamptons bound? Amber looks like she’d fit in much better in Brooklyn or the LES if you ask us, but she rocks that striped mini dress all the same. The uber hipster accessories (bowler hat, check; ’90s-inspired denim cut off vest, check) do the trick.

Elisabeth Glos
96357 1280184352 Daily Mirror Roundup: Check Out Our Most Stylish Members!
If you think we’ll be getting within 20 feet of slouchy pants in this heat, well then, you’re plum crazy, but we do like the thought eight weeks from now. We like the juxtaposition of the flirty florals and bows paired with those downtown pants and boots.

Nini Nguyen
96362 1280186917 Daily Mirror Roundup: Check Out Our Most Stylish Members!
Nini may have found the perfect summer accessory and no we’re not looking at those open toe leather zip up booties, although those are pretty cute too. That cotton candy cart had us sold at first glance, but we especially like how Nini pairs her sweet accessory with a saucy attitude via a sheer long-sleeved lace top and skirt.

Sara N.
96360 1280184362 Daily Mirror Roundup: Check Out Our Most Stylish Members!
It takes a special kind of outfit to make us consider wearing printed faces that close to our, er, lower region, but Sara’s outfit above comes as close as any. Plus, we’re having a little moment with those open toe buckle boots. You can’t take us out of our hardware if you tried.

Joy Justlikesushi
96358 1280184356 Daily Mirror Roundup: Check Out Our Most Stylish Members!
Wait a minute, is that Rihanna? We literally did a doubletake when we first happened upon this shot while scrolling through the Daily Mirror section. Joy is workin’ it with some crazy print pants that could easily pass for runway fare. But, we were pleasantly surprised to find through Joy’s blog Just Like Sushi that the white and print graphic numbers are a much cheaper buy from H&M.

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