Daft Punk’s Surprise DJ Set Last Night


Last night Thomas Bangalter of Daft Punk arrived at his former manager’s birthday party at L.A.’s Cinespace as a robot disguised as a human… While no one from Daft Punk has officially confirmed that Bangalter was the one sweating behind those sweet shades. (Side bar: for you boys out there, check out L.G.R.’s Black Massawa Sunglasses available at Kesner to get Bangalter’s look.) However the Daft Punk Pyramid hand signs and Daft Punk’s “Rollin’ & Scratchin'” playing over the club are subtle hints that yes, that was Thomas Bangalter.

I’m still convinced that Daft Punk are in fact robots and Bangalter showing up in alleged human form is just them trying to throw us off the path of uncovering the truth. I’m sorry, no human could make such hot dance beats.