Why Cynthia Rowley Designs Wetsuits and Candy, In Addition to Fashion

Laurel Pinson

Welcome to our Rule Breakers series, which spotlights five fabulous, gutsy women who are breaking boundaries in their respective fields—from supermodel Chrissy Teigen to designer Cynthia Rowley. Over the next few months, expect career advice, risk-taking tips, and insight on how to be an overall badass. Read more about the series!

Cynthia Rowley’s long been known for her bold, creative approach to fashion design—placing an emphasis on vivid prints and sporty silhouettes—but we’re betting some folks raised their eyebrows when she announced that she was opening up her own candy store.

That kind of expansion is pretty typical Cynthia though, and one of the reasons she’s become a boundary-busting powerhouse when it comes to fashion. “I think it’s more interesting to apply my vision to things that haven’t really been done before.”

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Here, she reveals how she decided to take on projects outside of fashion—from Exhibition A, offering limited-edition artist prints, to colorful and stylish wetsuits. (“I was like, ‘Why do I have to look like a little dude in the water?'”) No surprise, one of Rowley’s main goals has always been to execute the impossible.

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