Cynthia Rowley Saves Bridesmaids From Post-Traumatic Stress With Pretty New Dress Line

Kerry Pieri
Cynthia Rowley Saves Bridesmaids From Post-Traumatic Stress With Pretty New Dress Line
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Dress from Cynthia’s Rowley’s Bridesmaid Line. All images courtesy of Cynthia Rowley.

We’ve definitely encountered some bridesmaids dresses that have inspired a little post traumatic stress syndrome. Multi-hyphenate designer, (women’s-home-cosmetics-baby…) Cynthia Rowley is on a crusade to save the next generation of bridal bffs from having to untag a host of pics post-wedding day on Facebook.

We chatted with the designer who explains, “I wanted to create something that you could muss up, dance in and want to wear afterwards.”

New West Village neighbor, Lovely Bridal Shop, who also happens to be one of the inaugural line’s retailers, helped bring their bridal know-how to the table and were on hand at the dresses’ debut at Rowley‘s New York boutique last night to fit would-be bridesmaids in the frothy creations.

Although her range is vast, Rowley is most often connoted with pretty frocks, which makes this new roll-out that much more logical. The line consists of floor and tea length dresses inspired by her prt–porter line in a range of vibrant colors think bright pink and more subdued hues like navy, sage and white. “You want one thing if you’re having a day or night wedding, or depending on the location…a beach…” Rowley told us.

When asked what she would choose for her ladies in waiting if she were to take that long walk down the aisle again, Rowley ponders a bit before answering, “the pink tulle, but maybe in black,” as a blond model whisks by in the whimsical dress amidst clinking glasses of champagne.

“I like the idea of the bride wearing something plain and letting the bridesmaids shine,” the fashion icon continued. Sounds good for all of us, “always the bridesmaids” out there, but somehow we don’t think the bride would agree.

The Cynthia Rowley Bridesmaids collection will be available in North America, the United Kingdom and Australia beginning in June and will be priced from $175 to $220. Check out the slide show above for a peek.

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