The Full Story Behind Cynthia Rowley’s DIY Haircut

Meghan Blalock

Designer Cynthia Rowley isn’t just known for her bold prints and playful use of color in her own designs—she also tends toward taking risks in her own personal style as well. Apparently, that’s a quality that also extends to her beauty choices. When we spotted her with a newly shorn ‘do at London Fog’s “Reimagine the Rain” event in New York, we asked her what inspired her look.

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“I just started cutting,” Rowley told StyleCaster. “I just used the giant scissors we use at work. I literally have no time! I do my own color, everything. I was at work and I just couldn’t take it anymore. I didn’t use a mirror, which may be a problem in the back. I was going by feel.”

cynthia rowley hair 3

Photo: Courtesy of London Fog

“If you can cut fabric, I guess you can cut hair,” she continued. “In a way, really what’s the difference? It’s just a different medium. It’s the same as cutting something to look the way you want it to in a dress form. It’s kind of the same thing.”

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Um, we guess? If you ask us, Rowley’s hair looks fantastic and modern–she even showed off her skill at being able to chop it asymmetrically without it looking like a total disaster. That’s something we could never do!