Cynthia Rowley: 20 Things I’m Loving Now

Perrie Samotin


Ever wonder what top designers are doing/wearing/eating/loving in their spare time? Us too! That’s why we decided to find out, via a short but informative survey aptly titled “20 Things I’m Loving Now.”

Sent to a variety of designers and fashion insiders, our questionnaire seeks to find out what quotidien things make interesting people tick—from the books they’re reading and the shows they’re DVRing, to the cocktail they’re sipping.

Of course, we also asked about fashion, but instead of seeking long-winded responses, we decided to keep it short and snappy: A go-to piece of denim, what shoes they’re favoring today, the most comfy T-shirt—you get the picture.

First up: Industry vet and celebrated fashion designer Cynthia Rowley, who filled us in on 20 things she’s loving now. Read on!

1. Denim: 

My hubby’s cutoff jeans!

2.  Shoes:

Adidas sneakers with neon laces.

3. T-Shirt:

Cynthia Rowley censored tee.

4. Cocktail:

Tequila with homemade watermelon ice cubes.

5. Accessorizing:

With tons of turquoise!


7. Planning:

The launch of

8. Restaurant:

Moby Dick’s in Montauk for food, friends, and fresh air.

9. DVRing:

Nexflixing Danish series “The Bridge.



11. Applying:

Elizabeth Arden Prevage.

12. Blasting:

“Blunderbuss” by Jack White.

13. Unwinding:


14. Coveting:

Lucien Smith paintings.


16. Morning:

Roasting Plant ground coffee.

17. Culture:

Mmuseum in New York City.

18. Getaway:



20. Store or site:

Cynthia Rowley in Montauk!