Why You Should Download Cymbal, The Instagram of Music

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Photo: Imaxtree

Sourcing new music can be a full-time job—sifting through blogs and scouring iTunes takes work—which is why we’re always eager to check out new platforms that basically do that work for us. Enter Cymbal, a smart new app that’s being heralded as the Instagram of music, and a seriously useful way to see what your friends and people you think are cool are listening to. While Spotify already ticks off all of your playlist needs, this app is all about discovery, sharing and talking about new tracks and artists.

cymbal appPhoto: Cymbal

The app features a home feed, profiles, and hashtags that’ll feel very familiar to Instagram users, and it allows you to share songs you’re obsessed with right now while following others to see what they’re tuning in to. The result: A feed of constant new music to discover, by people whose taste you (presumably) trust.

Also, much like Instagram, if you stumble upon a track you want to recommend to a pal, you simply tag their Cymbal username, and they’ll be alerted.

Developed by Tufts University students (yep, college kids are creating stuff like this) Gabriel JacobsAmadou Crookes and Mario Gomez-Hall, it’s already been downloaded more than 17,000 times and has just received $1,100,000 in funding—signs that this app is primed to take off.

As of now, only iPhone users download Cymbal, but an Android version is in the works.

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