The CW’s Fall Line Up


What’s better than after a long day: getting home, kicking off your heels, slipping into sweatpants and flipping on the TV? Especially when it’s as deliciously cheesy as the CW. We’re placing bets that however much hype Melrose Place has gotten, it’s going to fall slightly short of The Beautiful Life. Here’s our guide on what’s next to watch. Read on to decide for yourself who your next CW favorite will be.

Melrose Place


Tonight is the highly anticipated premiere Melrose Place. Out with Heather Locklear, and in with Ashlee Simpson-Wentz, hmm does this trade off seem fair? Unlike the campy 90’s version of Melrose, the ’09 version is to be much more ‘bitchy.’ However we’re sure the same themes of lying, cheating, seduction, betrayal, (you know, all of the morals that young teenage girls should be learning) will remain in tact. Tune in for a Bitch of a Tuesday night at 9pm tonight.

Americas Next Top Model


The premiere of this seasons America’s Next Top Model may be longer than the rest, 2-hours of smiling with our eyes, but its cast is certainly shorter. The concept behind this season is that short women can be models too. All of the contestants will be 5’7 or shorter, but that doesn’t mean that there will be any lower expectations. We’re sure Tyra will have them hanging from something high, dressing up as something daring, and stomping the catwalk as if they were 6’2. Watch this Wednesday September 9th, at 8pm.

Vampire Diaries


Sucking blood is the latest trend in books, film, and celeb culture (see: Lindsay and Lady Gaga). It’s no surprise that the CW picked up a series this season on just that. The spark of young love between Elena aka Nina Dobrev, and mysterious new guy in town Stefan, aka Paul Wesley, is what kicks of the first vamp attack. In a tangled lust story between two brothers and beautiful young women, brutality and blood are the running theme behind the series. Beware this Thursday September 10th at 8 pm.

The Beautiful Life


Brought to you my none other than the beautiful executive producer Ashton Kutcher, this new series is based on our favorite industry, the fashion industry. Step into the 6-inch heels that a modern day model will be stomping down the runway while watching this new drama filled series.

Sonja, better known as Mischa Barton, reigning Supermodel will have to starve to stand her ground, as there is competition on the horizon. Enter Zac Posen’s runway in the tents, and new model Rania aka Sara Paxton, steps on the runway and into poor Mischa… I mean Sonja’s spotlight. Stay tunned, next Wednesday September 16th at 9pm. Now that you know who’s new in town, check out your old sitcom favorites in a new light this season on ABC.