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5 Reasons Lois Lane Is As Much Of a Hero As Superman in CW’s ‘Superman & Lois’

"Superman & Lois"
Photo: Courtesy of The CW.

Lois Lane is an award-winning journalist at the Metropolis newspaper, the Daily Planet. She’s married to her co-worker, Clark Kent (a.k.a. Superman). In The CW’s new series Superman & Lois, Clark and Lois leave the big city, along with their twin teenage sons (Jonathan and Jordan) and move to Smallville, Clark’s childhood home. Superman & Lois is part of the overall “Arrowverse” of superhero shows on The CW but is a different kind of show than them, in large part due to it’s leading lady.

Since the first Superman comic was published in 1938, Superman has been a household name in the homes of superhero fans and non-superhero fans alike. But what about Lois Lane? She may not have the ability to fly or shoot lasers out of her eyes, but she’s just as much of a superhero as her husband. Ahead are five reasons why.

She’s an Investigative Journalist

Being a journalist is tough work, but Lois is always down to chase a story, even if it means that whoever she’s writing about isn’t happy with her. Superman may save lives on the regular, but Lois is taking down bad guys too by exposing wrongdoing and uncovering truths at her job as an investigative reporter for the Daily Planet.

She’s a Working Mom of Two Teenage Sons

Anyone who’s a parent knows it’s no easy feat. With two teenage boys and a full-time job at the Daily Planet, Lois has her work cut out for her, especially with sons who are so drastically different. Out of Clark and Lois’ sons, Jordan is the clean-cut and modest one with an aw-shucks attitude. His brother, Jordan, on the other hand, is wildly intelligent with social anxiety that limits him to spend most of his free time alone playing video games. Lois brings a whole new meaning to the show’s tagline, “Saving the World Starts at Home.”

She Didn’t Follow in Her Family’s Footsteps

Lois proved that she’s independent and has a mind of her own when she pursued a career in investigative journalism instead of followed her family’s long military career. Her dad is General Sam Lane, a military general in the U.S. Army. Despite her family’s history in the army, Lois never attended a military academy, and instead did her work for the public as a reporter at the Daily Planet.

She Doesn’t Have Superpowers

In the Arrowverse, characters who don’t have superpowers or high-tech weapons are few and far between. Lois has neither, but she can still hold her own as well as any other superhero, including her husband Superman. Case in point? Her earlier appearances on Supergirl, The Flash, and Batwoman proved that she doesn’t need gimmicks to take down bad guys.

She’s Cool With Her Husband’s Ex

As fans of the classic WB/CW show Smallville might know, Lana Lang was Clark’s first love. In Superman & Lois, Clark becomes reacquainted with his old flame Lana, who grew up to be a loan officer at Smallville Bank married to firefighter Kyle Cushing. She welcomes Clark back into town when he returns with his family. While it may seem weird for your husband to hang around with his ex, Lois shows no signs of competition with Lana and is confident in her relationship with Clark. What would you call that kind of confidence if not a superpower?

Superman & Lois‘ premieres Tuesday, February 23, with a two-hour event at 8/7c on The CW. Stream free the next day on the CW App.

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