The 20 Cutest Celebrity Pets on Instagram

Avery Hoffman

If you’ve had enough of food pictures and fashion bloggers flooding your Instagram, then consider finding some new—much cuter—folks to follow. No, we’re not saying your #OOTD pics aren’t cute, but we are saying celebrity pets are, well, cuter.

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Just like us, famous people love to post pictures of their furry friends on Instagram, and in some cases even create personal accounts for their dogs, cats, and one very special bunny. From Marc Jacobs’ dog Neville that regularly rocks the designer’s clothes, to Cara Delevingne‘s rabbit Cecil that hangs out inside a Mulberry  bag (tough life), the celebrity pets of Instagram not only live the life, but are super-cute while doing it.

Whether you’re fascinated by these pets because of their lavish lifestyle (Macklemore posted a picture of his cat Cairo snuggled up next to Louis Vuitton luggage) or just because of their adorable looks, this list is for you.

1. Macklemore’s cat Cairo 

Step aside Ryan Lewis, there’s a new dynamic duo in town. Ever since Macklemore debuted his cat Cairo two months ago, the rapper’s Instagram has been flooded with pictures and videos of his feline friend. The kitty, who resembles a little jungle cat, has his own Instagram account with an staggering 91,000 followers!

2. Brody Jenner’s dogs Tank and Radar 

Before Tank and Radar, the main man in Brody Jenner’s life was Chunk, a French Bulldog. But ever since Jenner’s “little turds” stepped on the scene, the pair of Rottweiler puppies have stolen the show. Just like Brody, Tank and Radar seem like the ultimate bros.

3. Marc Jacobs’ dog Neville 

Whether he’s outfitted in a winter parka or a leather jacket and hoodie, Neville Jacobs looks predictably chic. The black and white bull terrier is an Instagram all-star with his own account that’s got over 47,000 followers.

4. Ashley Tisdale’s dog Maui 

It’s safe to say that of all the little dogs that starlets tend to carry, Maui is one of our favorites. Tisdale, who’s has had her teacup Maltipoo for a few years now, loves to Instagram her golden pup in a variety of poses and scenarios.

5. Ryan Seacrests’s dog Georgia 

Seacrest revealed his little girl, Georgia, in a big way: He brought his adorable new pup onstage with him live on “American Idol” last season. Since then, the television host has featured the lab, who was named after his home state, on his Instagram account a number of times

6. Bobby Flay’s cat Taco Cat

Of course the world famous chef was inspired by food when naming his cat, Taco. With almost 7,000 Instagram followers on his personal account, the majestic looking fur ball is a star all on his own.

7. John Legend and Chrissy Teigen’s dog Pippa 

When she’s not showing off her amazing cooking or her sexy modeling shots, Chrissy snaps pics of her adorable French Bulldog named Pippa that she and hubby John Legend share.

8. Andy Cohen’s dog Wacha 

Look up “puppy dog eyes” in the dictionary and we’re pretty sure you’ll see a picture of the Bravo honcho’s dog Wacha. The proud papa made an Instagram account for the adopted Wacha that has reached over 58,000 followers. Best part of their account? Their use of #adoptdontstop to promote animal rescue!

9. Shay Mitchell’s dog Bailey 

The “Pretty Little Liars” star loves to show of her pretty little Pomeranian named Bailey. With pictures of her dressed in everything from a dapper bowtie to festive Hawaiian leis, its obvious that the little dog doesn’t mind being dressed up.

10. Lady Gaga’s dog Asia 

It’s safe to say that wherever Gaga is, her pup Asia isn’t too far behind. In fact, the pop star posts pictures with Asia so often, it’s only a matter of time before the Frenchie gets an account of its own.

11. Cara Delevingne’s bunny Cecil 

If we could trade places with a bunny for a day, no doubt it would be Cecil. The little lady has a Mulberry bag of her own and rocks Chanel like its no big deal. Oh, and she gets to hang out with the world’s coolest supermodel.

12. Chris Colfer’s dog  Cooper and cat Brian

The “Glee” star has been posting pics of his cat, Brian, to Instagram for quiet some time now, but the crew has recently expanded: Chris and Brian welcomed golden retriever Cooper to the family in April.

13. Karl Lagerfeld’s cat Choupette 

There are few felines in the fashion industry more famous than Choupette. The cat has two maids and a driver, her own Instagram and Twitter accounts, and of course, a Wikipedia page written in her honour.

14. Lauren Conrad’s dogs Fitz and Chloe 

We know LC has a knack for making everything look extra pretty on Instagram, and her dogs, Chloe (who she’s had since her “Hills” days) and Fitz (a rescue) are no exception.

15. Nyjah Huston’s dog Dakota

The teenage skateboard superstar has created an account for his dog, Dakota, and with good reason: It’s a mix between a pomeranian and a husky. Also known as a perfect combination in the animal world.

16. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s dogs Dolly and Peggy 

Looking at the model’s Instagram account, it seems as though Rosie, Dolly, and Peggy are just about the three best friends that anyone could have. And hey, there’s no doubt that they get their photogenic skills from their mom!

17. Taylor Swift’s cats Meredith and Olivia Benson 

When she’s not instagramming selfies with her  famous BFFS, Swift posts pics of her loveable cat, Meredith. Over the Fourth of July weekend, however, the pop star introduced her 9.8 million followers to her new teeny tiny blue-eyed kitten named Olivia Benson (a nod to Mariska Hargitay’s character from Law and Order: SVU)

18. Amanda Seyfried’s dog Finn

With Seyfried and her Australian shepherd Finn, it’s clear that this dog really is (wo)man’s best friend. The two do everything together, from playing dress up to paddleboarding. Finn’s most recent stunt? Playing the piano!

19. Ashley Benson’s dog Walter Gene 

The world was only introduced to the tiny Walter Gene a week ago, but the Brussels Griffon has already been featured on Benson’s Instagram account a handful of times. What do we know about the little guy so far? He’s a huge Yankees fan!

20. Lindsay Vonn’s dog Leo

The Olympian’s pup has his own Instagram account, and his tagline tells us he has quite a bit in common with the skier, who suffered devastating injury to her reconstructed right knee right before Sochi.  “I was abandoned in a park, then I was hit by a car and got 6 pins put in my knee. After that I was left at a shelter but finally I have a good home :)” Vonn (or her camp) keeps the account updated regularly with snaps of the mixed-breed pup.