18 Bathroom Storage Products From Amazon That Are Both Cute & Functional—Starting at $12

18 Bathroom Storage Products From Amazon That Are Both Cute & Functional—Starting at $12
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Your bathroom should be a place of comfort—not stress. It’s the room in your home where you can unwind with a hot shower or bath, do a face mask or have fun getting ready for a night out. You spend a lot of time in the bathroom, and while it can seem daunting to keep it clean and organized, there are myriad cute bathroom storage options to make your life easier. Whether you live in an apartment or a house, have a ton of room to spare or barely have enough space to store your toothbrush, there are so many bathroom storage options to help make your bathroom the oasis it should be.

I shared a bathroom my entire life until my senior year of college, so I understand having a lack of personal space in what should be a calming area. Plus, even when I did (finally) get my own bathroom, it was, uh, not large. Most apartment-dwellers don’t have ample space to store all their beauty and hygiene products, much less the means to make their bathroom cute. But I’m here to tell you that it’s possible to make the most of your space and keep your bathroom a place you don’t dread spending time in—as long as you clean it regularly, OK?

Organizers, toilet paper holders and storage bins don’t have to look like you bought them for your freshman dorm. There are plenty of ways to keep organized while keeping a pretty bathroom aesthetic. If we can’t have an aesthetically pleasing home, what can we have? So, I rounded up 18 cute (and affordable) bathroom storage options from Amazon that are guaranteed to upgrade your bathroom and make your life so much easier. Hold your applause, thanks.

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CADUKE Under-Sink Organizer Amazon

Photo: CADUKE.

CADUKE Under-Sink Organizer

Take advantage of the space under your sink to store all your unused toiletries and cleaning supplies. But don’t just pile one on top of the other. Place them in this under-sink organizer
that has convenient pull-out drawers.

Luxspire 2-Tier Countertop Organizer Amazon

Photo: Luxspire.

Luxspire 2-Tier Countertop Organizer

If you’re lucky enough to have counters in your bathroom, maximize this precious real estate with a multi-tiered organizer
like this one. It’s the perfect size for perfume bottles, cotton pads, makeup and candles.

Amolliar Apothecary Jars Amazon

Photo: Amolliar.

Amolliar Apothecary Jars

It can be hard to make hair ties, cotton balls and Q-tips look cute, but not when you do it with these glass jars

Giantex Laundry Hamper Amazon

Photo: Giantex.

Giantex Laundry Hamper

Though mostly a laundry hamper, this storage system
also has two shelves to keep towels, toilet paper rolls and bathroom décor.

Artera Small Wicker Basket Amazon

Photo: Artera.

Artera Small Wicker Basket

Not sure where to house your tiny hand towels, extra soap and other bathroom knick-knacks? This small wicker basket
, of course!

FLE Bathroom Organizer Amazon

Photo: FLE.

FLE Bathroom Organizer

Showcase all of your prettiest bottles and jars on this countertop bathroom organizer
. Its simple yet chic Nordic flare will look great in any bathroom.

NIUBEE Hair Tool Organizer Amazon

Photo: NIUBEE.

NIUBEE Hair Tool Organizer

If you’re struggling to make your hair tools and products look tidy and cute, try this hair tool organizer

Moforoco 4-Pack Shower Caddy Shelf Organizer Rack Amazon

Photo: Moforoco.

Moforoco Shower Organizer

Whether you need more storage in your shower or on any of the walls in your bathroom, these shelves
are the perfect solution. They stick onto surfaces so that you don’t have to drill any holes, and you even get holders for your bars of soap.

STORi 2-Pack Audrey Stackable Clear Plastic Organizer Drawers Amazon

Photo: STORi.

STORi 2-Pack Audrey Stackable Clear Plastic Organizer Drawers

When organizing beauty products, you don’t just want to toss them all into a basket. Opt for clear drawers
so that you can always see exactly what you have.

mDesign Metal Toilet Paper Holder Stand Amazon

Photo: mDesign.

mDesign Metal Toilet Paper Holder Stand

If you don’t believe there’s an aesthetic way to store your toilet paper, think again. This metal stand
is a game-changer.

Royal Craft Wood Luxury Bathtub Cabby Tray Amazon

Photo: Royal Craft Wood.

Royal Craft Wood Luxury Bathtub Cabby Tray

How could we not include a bougie bathtub tray
in this list? This one is expandable and has silicone grips so that it stays in place while you unwind in the tub.

VeyFey Turntable Vanity Tray Amazon

Photo: VeyFey.

VeyFey Turntable Vanity Tray

This tray is like a Lazy Susan but for your bathroom. There’s no easier way to access your fave bathroom essentials than from this turntable-style tray
. It comes in multiple colors and sizes, too.

DAMAHOME Over Door Hanging Organizer Amazon


DAMAHOME Over Door Hanging Organizer

If you’re out of under-sink and countertop storage space, buy yourself a hanging organizer
that goes right over your door. It can fit so much, all while organizing your toiletries and staying out of your way.

Nucookery 10" Ceramic White Marble Tray Amazon

Photo: Nucookery.

Nucookery 10″ Ceramic White Marble Tray

Display your bathroom necessities on a tray
and your space will instantly look cooler and more sophisticated.

V-HANVER 360 Rotating Organizer Amazon

Photo: V-HANVER.

V-HANVER 360 Rotating Organizer

If your drawers are filled to the brim with makeup and perfume bottles, this space-saving rotating organizer
is for you.

Funest Makeup Perfume Organizer Amazon

Photo: Funest.

Funest Makeup Perfume Organizer

This product
is similar to the one above, except it doesn’t have tiers. Its shape and white and gold touches are just so chic.

SPACELEAD Slim Storage Cart Amazon


SPACELEAD Slim Storage Cart

If you’re short on cabinets and drawers, solve all your bathroom storage woes with this compact rolling cart
. It can fit so much more than you think—from toilet paper rolls and tissue boxes to toiletries and cleaning products. There are even tiny hooks so you can also hang brushes and scrubbers.

Bidtakay Small Storage Baskets Amazon

Photo: Bidtakay.

Bidtakay Small Storage Baskets

If you have an over-the-toilet rack, stack these cute baskets
on each level and then fill them with all of your essentials—extra toiletries, menstrual products, candles, hair brushes, skincare tools, you name it.

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