Customize and Order Topshop’s Spring/Summer 2013 Collection Instantly

Emily Barnes

x4002 Customize and Order Topshops Spring/Summer 2013 Collection Instantly

Ever wish you could buy exactly what you see, when you see it, on the runway? Well thanks to our pal Topshop, now you can. Grazia Daily reports that Topshop’s Unique Spring/Summer 2013 collection will allow the customer to customize any of the runway looks. You have the power to change the color of any piece or accessory as soon as it hits the catwalk. After customizing, you can immediately order your creation along with anything else on the catwalk, including the music and the beauty products.

This marketing ploy is all about accessibility and entertainment for the consumer. In order to achieve this high level of accessibility, Topshop teamed up with Facebook to create a camera tool that allows you to frame the piece you like during the show’s livestream. From there it’s up to you to customize and order. Now that is instant gratification.

The TopShop Unique Spring/Summer 2013 collection hits the runway on September, 16th at 3pm and you can catch the livestream on!

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