Customizable Dries Van Noten Is A Fashion Dream Come True

Customizable Dries Van Noten Is A Fashion Dream Come True
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There are very few collections throughout Fashion Month each season that are as covetable as those presented by Belgian designer Dries Van Noten. His superb showing for Fall 2011 was no exception, especially the heavily-collaged pieces which mixed prints, textures and a number of luxurious materials. The label just opened a new boutique in Andreas Murkudis in Berlin, and if you’re a fan of both Dries and arts-‘n’-crafts, a new project it has in the works sounds like your dream come true.

The designer has dipped into his archives from the last 12 seasons to reissue 30 fabrics that you can collage into your fantasy dress. With the “Daya” dress from the Fall 2011 collection as the template — worn on the runway in Paris by Valerija Kelava — shoppers can choose five of the fabrics to incorporate into the patchwork piece for a one-of-a-kind look.

If you’re in (or anywhere near) Berlin and have been saving up to splurge on one extra-special piece this fall, I think we’ve found it, kids.

Photos courtesy of Dries Van Noten

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