Just in Time For Winter: Custom Ugg Boots Now Exist

Meghan Blalock

custom ugg boots

We can almost hear the excited squeals from across college campuses everywhere: Australian shoe company Ugg has just launched “Ugg By You,” a special customization arm that allows you to design your Uggs just the way you want them.

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As of right now, the customization capabilities are limited to the brand’s “Classic Short” boot and the “Fluff Flip Flop”—a shoe we imagine ranks somewhere near Céline’s fur-lined sandals on the scale of practicality. The boot, before customization, stars at $220, while the sandals lands at $110; but that’s before you add different colors and fabrics. Once you start tinkering around in the online customization tool, the price increases.

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Of course, we couldn’t resist, and took at stab at designing our own Uggs. See what we came up with below, then head over to Ugg to start making your own furry winter boots/sandals!

custom ugg

Yes, that’s a metallic heel.

ugg fluff flop

Where would one even wear this?