Watch: This Incredible Video Shows a New Designer Hand-Crafting Leather Shoes

Meghan Blalock

Shoes are an absolute necessity for everyday life. (Or, in the wise words of Kanye West, “You walkin’ down the street with no shoes, somebody might think there’s something wrong with you.”) And, despite the prominent place shoes have in most of our lives, few of us take time to really think about where the things come from. But now, thanks to recent London College of Fashion graduate Barbora Veselá, we’re getting a rare peek into the incredible process of designing a shoe.

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Veselá took inspiration from the geological makeup of our dear planet Earth for her latest line of shoes, each of which is completely handmade and, therefore, completely one-of-a-kind. In the video above, we get a peek into how she crafts each and every shoe, from the cutting of the leather to the hammering of the soles.

If you’re like us, you might come away with a heightened appreciation for exactly what goes into bringing a shoe design to life; for us, it helps us better understand why they are such investment pieces.

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Watch the clip above, and check out more of the rising designer’s chic creations in her portfolio!