Fancy! You Can Now Design Your Own Custom Prada Shoes

Laurel Pinson

Prada custom shoes

Italian luxury brand Prada has long been known as the fashion girl’s fashion brand, churning out street style bait like oversize “baroque” sunglasses and striped fur stoles. Then, of course, there are the shoes—lug sole, embellished, brightly colored, and as covetable as they are, well, expensive.

Now, Prada fiends can take their passion for the brand to the next level by designing their own custom Prada pumps in rainbow of colors, thanks to a new customization service that Prada is slated to roll out to all its boutiques this month. (The label initially launched the new service in the UK in March at its Sloane Street store, and—lucky us!—has decided to extend it to other countries.)

Here’s how it works: First, you start with the silhouette. The options here, alas, aren’t limitless, but they are broader than just a classic pump. You can apparently choose between a “fashion” pointy-toe shoe, a classic pointy-toe pump, a peep-toe shoe, a round-toe shoe, and a platform silhouette. (The Cut reports there’s also a pointed-toe style that includes a metal heel!)

Then, you choose your colors and finishes. There are five finishes—ranging from satin to suede—and a whopping 27 colors, so the chances you don’t get exactly what you want are pretty slim. (Be warned, however, that some colors vary depending on the finish.)

Prada custom soles with monogram

Then, pick a sole. There are three options available: black, nude, or a pale blue. (Paging brides-to-be, this could be a fabulous “something blue” solution.)

Bonus: Add a monogram! Yes, you can add your own initials in gold on the arch of the shoe—so that everybody knows these babies were made for you and you only. Classy!

Last, choose your shoe box. Of course, Prada would think of everything—right down to the shoe box. You can choose between six different colors so these bad boys stand out from the piles of generic white shoe boxes in your closet.

Okay, now for the tough part: the service ain’t cheap. Customizing your own shoes will set you back a cool $745—a price tag that may shock some, though likely won’t come as a surprise for Prada fans, who are accustomed to seeing price tags like $790 for a sandal from the label’s Spring 2014 collection. For context, a classic Prada pump runs about $650.

If you’ve got the dispensable income to afford them, we’d say go for it. A classic pump—to your exact specifications—really will never go out of style.

For more information on Prada’s new made-to-order program (and to find a boutique near you!) visit