Curvy, Meet Couture: NYC Blogger Talks Fashion That Fits

Spencer Cain
Curvy, Meet Couture: NYC Blogger Talks Fashion That Fits
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Along with pretty much everyone else who lives in New York City, I am obsessed with and inspired by street style. And of course, sometimes I’m disgusted. But regardless, there is nothing more fascinating than observing the different ways people put outfits together, and thinking about what goes into their choices. With the rise of social media, we have been able to get a closer look into the lives (and closets) of some of our chicest neighbors. However, often times these blogs are mundane and unoriginal, which is why I was thrilled to find Coco Curvy, written by NYC resident Coco Limberakis.

More than simply a style blog, Coco confronts her lifelong insecurities with weight, and how she has allowed fashion to empower, rather than hinder, herself. “Every time I meet a girl who shares my insecurities and is dressed terribly it breaks my heart,” she says, “This blog is about dressing for your body type and interpreting hard-to-wear trends for your shape.” The fashion industry veteran does just that, and shares her personal pictures along with musings on how to wear items like zip-front dresses, bright blazers, and jersey dresses, all of which many curvy girls tend to shy away from.

With each type of clothing she profiles, she describes the ways in which they can be used to highlight your features.”On curvier figures, a skirt that is looseat the hip tends to be more flattering. I know it may be difficult, but resist piling yourself into a bandage skirt. The Herve Leger bandage trend has been exhausted, let it rest in peace along with harem pants and shoulder pads,” she writes.

Okay, it also doesn’t hurt that she has an enviable wardrobe, to say the least. Vintage Ferragamo bags, Louboutins, Chloe dresses, and a whole lot of YSL are all a part of the package. Even if you don’t have these labels lying around your boudoir, this is a great, positive, and insightful blog to check out next time you aren’t feeling like Kate Moss when you look in the mirror.