The Ultimate Cuffing Season Playlist: 17 Songs To Set The Mood

Cady Lang

The temperatures have dropped, the leaves are falling, and even the thought of hitting the bars is exhausting; all the signs are pointing to it— cuffing season is in full swing.

What is cuffing season, exactly? Thanks to the ever-insightful Urban Dictionary, we have the following definition:

During the Fall and Winter months, people who would normally rather be single or promiscuous find themselves along with the rest of the world desiring to be ‘Cuffed’ or tied down by a serious relationship. The cold weather and prolonged indoor activity causes singles to become lonely and desperate to be cuffed.

Whether you’ve found your cuddle buddy for winter hibernation or you’re currently reviewing candidates for Netflix-and-chill, finding the right person to “cuff” for the cold season requires finesse, dedication, and unwavering morale.

Lucky for you, however, we’ve compiled a handy playlist of songs that range from sweet to sultry to aid in the arduous process of warming up to a potential boo. So go ahead, renew your Netflix subscription and put on those leggings — cuffing season is here and we’ve got the tunes for you to get it on.

1.Let’s Get It On: There’s a reason why Marvin Gaye‘s “Let’s Get It On” has been the standard for songs about hooking up. Gaye’s mellow voice and not-so-subliminal messaging will definitely set the mood for you.

2. Slow Jamz: Kanye West‘s “Slow Jamz” with Jamie Foxx and Twista is a showcase of classic R&B set against self-aware rhymes. A tongue-in-cheek track for your cuffing season.

3. Tonight (Best You Ever Had): John Legend is at his mellow best with this sultry song, which is basically the audio equivalent of wine-drunk. Even Ludacris‘ verse has a relaxed feel, which means that it’s perfect for cuddling this winter.

4. Untitled, (How Does It Feel): Rolling Stone called D’Angelo’s “Untitled (How Does It Feel),” “the 21st century answer to Marvin Gaye’s Sexual Healing” and they were right. The smoother-than-smooth track is easy on the ears and the music video itself is very, VERY easy on the eyes.

5. Open: Rhye‘s ethereal song is by turn as sensual as it is other-worldly.

6. Two Weeks: Has any song ever been as fiercely sensual as FKA Twigs‘ “Two Weeks?” Probably not. From her breathy, whispered interludes to the alluring beat, this song is an bewitching foray into FKA Twigs’ seduction.

7. Gold: This song would honestly be sexy listening on its own. But add the intoxicatingly addictive music video to Chet Faker‘s “Gold,” and it’s easy to see why it’s become one of his most popular videos. If it doesn’t make you want to buy a pair of roller skates (or at the very least, make out,) then something is probably wrong with you.

8. Retrograde: James Blake‘s “Retrograde” might sound mournful, but give it another try, and his dulcet, wistful tones are unbelievably seductive and perfect for snuggling.

9. The Morning: The Weeknd‘s moody, lust and drug-addled tunes have blown up in the mainstream recently, but this track off his first mixtape is Abel’s dark sexiness at his best.

10. Pilot Jones: While we’re waiting on Frank Ocean to drop the album that he promised us this summer, let’s revisit one of the gems off his freshman album, Channel Orange. “Pilot Jones” is less sappy and more complex, both lyrically and musically than the ubiquitous “Thinkin’ Bout You” — your cuffing buddy will no doubt appreciate this.

11. In Love With You: Nobody does sultry smooth vocals like the queen of neo-soul, Erykah Badu. Her duet with Steven Marley is hands-down one of the best love songs in her repertoire.

12. Soon the New Day: Leave it to Talib Kweli to mix his brand of conscious hip hop with a song about a one-night stand and somehow weave a romantic narrative. Norah Jones‘ husky vocals make it irresistibly seductive.

13. The Worst: Jhené Aiko’s moody song is about love gone sour, but that doesn’t mean that the track isn’t darkly alluring.

14. Body Party: Ciara‘s croons about her body are pretty much self-explanatory. Also worth watching: the music video, which happened at the peak of her and Future‘s relationship and features the then-couple engaging in lots of body parties.

15. Rocket: When Beyoncé opens the song with, “Let me sit this ass on ya,” you know that the track is not going to be shy or retiring. Queen B is at her most glorious queen-ly self with this slow jam and the music video is a gravity-defying masterpiece in and of itself.

16. Simplethings: Miguel‘s sweet song is the lyrical epitome of cuffing season; homeboy just wants someone to laugh and hang out with — and honestly, who doesn’t want those things?

17. Rock the Boat: Aaliyah‘s final notorious music video, “Rock the Boat” is one of the singer’s sexiest songs and a testament to the Princess of R&B’s talent.