True Story: You Can Now Pay Someone to Cuddle With You

Maggie Parker, Women's Health


Need a hug? Just make a reservation: A new business in California called Cuddle Connection is selling snuggle sessions, which the owner claims are good for your health. You just have to be open to cuddling with a complete stranger, and you know, willing to pay for it.

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Kelly Peterson, the owner of Cuddle Connection, is offering comfort and relaxation at the rate of $29 for 30 minutes, or $49 for an hour. And shockingly, this isn’t even the first business of its type to open up in the U.S. Similar clinics have popped up in New York and Portland. So what exactly does this entail? At Cuddle Connection, clients are snuggled by Kelly or one of her female staff members in a loveseat or swanky beanbag chair (and if you’re in the mood for pillow talk, that’s allowed, too). A few important things to note: Clients must come fully clothed and clean—because, obviously—and all the rooms are monitored for safety.

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As weird as it sounds, there are definitely health benefits to spooning. A good snuggle sesh boosts levels of oxytocin, the love hormone that can increase intimacy and trust, relieve stress, and even lower blood pressure. But while these are huge selling points, could you actually zone out and fully relax while lying in the arms of a total stranger? If you’re really craving human contact, you might want to just hug your best friend or snuggle with a pet. It’s way less awkward and won’t set you back thirty bucks.

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