Cuddle Up With Marc Jacobs for Only $125

Susie G

muscle man marc jacobs doll1 Cuddle Up With Marc Jacobs for Only $125

Remember when Marc Jacobs made an appearance on South Park this past fall as “Muscle Man Marc” (which by the way was the first time a fashion designer ever made it onto the show)? Even if you don’t, you can now own a South-Parkified version of a half-naked Marc Jacobs that should double quite nicely as chic desk ornament or an at-home cuddle buddy.

For those of you that did watch the episode, you’ll remember that Muscle Man Marc appeared as one of Cartman’s stuffed toy entourage, (both of which you can see in tattoo form right on the arms of the animated doll).

But this isn’t the first time that Marc Jacobs has materialized in doll form. At the “Louis Vuitton Marc Jacobs” exhibit held at the Les Art Decoratifs in Paris (which will be opened until September 16th), museum-goers can catch Mr. Jacobs in the form of a Barbie-esque plastic doll.

Sadly though, that doll isn’t available for sale (yet), so all you die-hard MJ fans will have to opt for the limited edition, 12-inch Muscle Man Marc. Available now through the designer’s website and at boutiques worldwide, each cuddle buddy comes with a price tag of $125.

Only $125 to spend countless and countless nights next to Marc Jacobs? Fabulous.

marc jacobs south park doll3 Cuddle Up With Marc Jacobs for Only $125[Images via Marc Jacobs International]

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