Blonde high-top ponytails FTW

Crystal Renn and Iggy Azalea Are Having A Maje Twinsies Moment

Susie G

crystal renn iggy azalea1 Crystal Renn and Iggy Azalea Are Having A Maje Twinsies Moment

Ever since debuting her new blonde locks at last week’s New Yorkers for Children event, there’s been a lot of buzz around Crystal Renn’s latest hair dye choice. Yesterday’s release of issue 17 of online-slash-print magazine Schön! features one hella’ fierce looking Renn, working a high fashion ponytail as a blonde bombshell on the cover.

The pony, the golden locks, the hand-on-hip pose, the cat-eye eyeliner in black, the skin-flashing factor, the #NailCall-worthy nail art — all these details spotted on this brand new Schön! cover just seem all too familiar.

It looks like the team behind this cover shoot was highly influenced by up-and-coming female MC Iggy Azalea, whose blonde ponytail has definitely become a signature beauty trademark of hers (if you haven’t already, check out her music video for “My World”, ASAP). Looking at the photos side by side, it really does look like the two gals are purposely trying to have a totes maje twinsies moment right now (queue the 38 other P’trique C’est Chic one-liners).

Does this now mean that blonde, high-top ponytails are going to be the new dip-dyes/ombres of hair trends? Well, you probably should stock up on peroxide just in case…

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