Crystal Castles Perform at All Points West


Normally I am distrustful of bands with a lead singer who plays bass; is comprised of white teenagers who call themselves, “The Black Kids”; and any band with, “Crystal” in the name.

I’d like to say that the Crystal Castles performance at All Points West tonight completely changed my opinion and disposition and now I love Crystal Castles, Crystal Stilts, and Crystal Antlers. Um… Maybe not so much… Lead singer Alice Glass stalked across the stage swinging a strobe light going out of her way to avoid any photographers from taking a picture of her on stage. She then proceeded to storm the stage climbing over the amplifiers and generally causing a ruckus.

The crowd however indulged Glass by clapping and chanting for Crystal Castles to finally come on stage. Finally, Crystal Castles filled the stage which was formerly a house to only an inflatable Batman doll.

Tomorrow, Crystal Castles will be in Montreal playing at the Oshega music festival in Montreal.