Cropped Skinny Jeans are Trending: 20 Ways to Wear Them

Kristen Bousquet
Cropped Skinny Jeans are Trending: 20 Ways to Wear Them
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Denim isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Whether it’s denim shirts, skinny jeans, flares, etc, the trend of having the fabric featured¬†somewhere in your outfit will be one to stay for a long time coming. This spring, though, it’s all about the cropped skinnies.

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Since you can finally start to pack away your winter boots and puffer jackets, it’s time to start showing some skin and wearing a pair of cropped jeans is the perfect way to do it. They look incredible with almost any type of shoe and even seem to elongate your legs. Whether you’re cutting them, cropping them or buying them short, having your jeans cropped by a tailor will be the perfect style to try out this spring.

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To see exactly how to style cropped jeans this season, click through the slideshow above for some serious inspiration!