This Crocodile Hermès T-Shirt Can Be Yours For $91,500 (Plus $8,000 Sales Tax)

Spencer Cain

00400fullscreen This Crocodile Hermès T Shirt Can Be Yours For $91,500 (Plus $8,000 Sales Tax)

Most people with money to burn tend to spend $100,000 on an outrageously lavish vacation, some major jewelry, or a pricey vehicle, but thanks to Hermès, you can now spend nearly six figures on a T-shirt. Shown on the Spring 2013 runway during the French brand’s men’s show last summer, the crocodile T-shirt is now available for purchase, and someone over at The Awl even snapped a picture of its staggering $91,500 price tag casually draped amongst the rest of the more moderately priced clothing at the Hermès Madison Avenue boutique. Also of note is that sales tax would be a whopping $8,000 (of course there are ways to go around that, but still).

Obviously this seems like a ridiculous sum to spend on any item of clothing, but hey, if you’ve got it—flaunt it. What else would you expect from the brand behind the infamously expensive Birkin bag? And the male model wearing it actually looks quite dashing. It may be time for us to start saving our change with hopes of one day rocking this ensemble. After all, a crocodile T-shirt is pretty much appropriate for any occasion.

What do you think? Is this ridiculous, or just beyond chic?

Photo via Imaxtree