Cristiano Ronaldo, A-Rod Plus 8 More Of The Biggest Players On And Off The Field

Kerry Pieri

We know that athletes don’t exactly have a rep for committed fidelity, but there are some guys in particular that take the “player” off the field (or court or rink) and into a more X-rated arena. Somehow when heavy cash flow meets a certain sporty agility, ladies lose their wherewithal to resist an infamous cad.

There’s not much we can do for you there girls, but we can round-up the top ten biggest offenders. Don’t say we never warned you.

1. Cristiano Ronaldo
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L to R: Kim Kardashian, Cristiano Ronaldo, Paris Hilton. Photos: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Heart Truth, | Christopher Lee/Getty Images for Nike, | Alex CD, Flickr

With World Cup Fever spreading even faster than Bieber Mania, we’re obligated to call out soccer’s biggest stud (and Armani poster boy) of the moment, Cristiano Ronaldo. He helped Kim K. regain her composure after Reggie Bush dumped her, has been linked with Paris Hilton, Karina Ferro, and Gemma Atkinson and his current rumored GF Irina Shayk is the new face of Armani Exchange. Overall any guy with a face that pretty and a predilection for a healthy helping of hair gel is probably one to avoid.

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2. Tiger Woods
93507 1276554503 Cristiano Ronaldo, A Rod Plus 8 More Of The Biggest Players On And Off The Field
L to R: Joselyn James, Tiger Woods and first alleged mistress Rachel Uchitel Photos: @ Joselyn_James, twitpic |, Flickr | @ HotActressPics, twitpic

We know, we’re sorry, but there can’t be a player countdown without the married guy who made even TMZ blush with just the sheer volume of his alleged mistresses. The only thing more shocking than the discovery of Tiger’s dirty dalliances is his apparent proclivity for porn stars, strippers and other Vegas-worthy exhibitionists oh, and that whole weird Ambien sex thing.

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3. Alex Rodriguez
93503 1276551903 Cristiano Ronaldo, A Rod Plus 8 More Of The Biggest Players On And Off The Field
L to R: Alex Rodriguez, Cameron Diaz at the ‘Shrek Forever After’ premiere Photos: Rubenstein’s, Flickr| Kevin Winter/Getty Images for Paramount Pictures,

This Yankee’s wife left him after an alleged affair with the Material Girl surfaced. Ever since then A-Rod seems to be using Us Weekly as his little black book. After a tumultuous turn with Kate Hudson he’s been linked as of late with JT’s ex Cameron Diaz. At least the third baseman looks to be committed to blonds even if there’s lots of them.

4. Sean Avery
93508 1276555121 Cristiano Ronaldo, A Rod Plus 8 More Of The Biggest Players On And Off The Field
L to R: Elisha Cuthbert, Sean Avery modeling his own t-shirt line, Rachel Hunter in Monte Carlo. Photos: darkchakal, Flickr | Avery #16 Ultra Soft Blue Burn-Out Tee with Logo, $60.00, Blue & Cream | Dave M. Benett/Getty Images for Martini,

This guy has a serious thing for fashion, and we’re not just talking as a Vogue intern he loves, and we mean loves models. Sean Avery has dated tall girls from Rachel Hunter to Hilary Rhoda. But the hockey Lothario made headlines and garnered himself a suspension when he called his ex-gf and non-model Elisha Cuthbert another player’s “sloppy seconds.” Stay classy, Sean Avery.

5. Jason Kidd

Joumana Kidd chats cheating husbands, a topic she knows something about. Video: YouTube

Jason Kidd is a special breed of player, in that he apparently can’t seem to get the casual sex thing straight he nearly always ends up with a little one. It makes sense that Kidd’s ex wife Joumana Kidd has three babes by the b-ball star, but since then now-exes Porschla Coleman (who’s been recently linked with Russell Simmons) and Playboy Playmate Hope Dworaczyk have given birth to children by the New Jersey Net.

6. Lance Armstrong
93586 1276629201 Cristiano Ronaldo, A Rod Plus 8 More Of The Biggest Players On And Off The Field
L to R: Sheryl Crow, Lance Armstrong. Photos: Joshgray’s, Flickr | Robert.Montalvo, Flickr | David_Shankbone, Flickr

This biker has befriended A-list dudes like Jake Gyllenhaal and Matthew McConaughey, but we’re more interested in his frittering with the fairer sex. After divorcing his wife of five years, Armstrong went on a Tour de Hollywood, and was linked with bluesy beauty Sheryl Crow before opting for a little lady half his age, one Ashley Olsen. He finally settled down with new girlfriend Anna Hansen, but we tend to err on the side of once a player, always a player.

7. Tony Romo
93506 1276553917 Cristiano Ronaldo, A Rod Plus 8 More Of The Biggest Players On And Off The Field
L to R: Carrie Underwood at the 51st Annual Grammy Awards, Tony Romo, Jessica Simpson. Photos: Jason Merritt/Getty Images, Image. net | @LoveDaBoys, twitpic | jvh33’s, Flickr

Next we have a Dallas Cowboy with a serious case of serial dating. Tony Romo tends towards good Southern girls, think Carrie Underwood and Jessica Simpson, but he’s also spent time with fellow Cali girl Sophia Bush. That’s not to say the QB is still with the One Tree Hill actress. He’s currently linked with Texan and sister of Chace, Candice Crawford. The beauty better watch her back though, this guy doesn’t stick with one chick for long.

8. Derek Jeter
93510 1276555783 Cristiano Ronaldo, A Rod Plus 8 More Of The Biggest Players On And Off The Field
L to R: Adriana Lima, Derek Jeter and Mariah Carey. Photos: David Shankbone, Flickr | Rubenstein, Flickr | David Shankbone, Flickr

Derek Jeter is a five-time world champion, a nine-time all-star and an overall champion “player.”His laundry list of famous pretty young things goes back to ’96 and Mariah Carey. Since then he’s been linked with Jordana Brewster, Adriana Lima, Vanessa Minnillo, Jessica Alba, and Jessica Biel. Hey, at least they’re not all blond for once! This New Yorker may finally have changed his ways though he’s engaged to Minka Kelly of Friday Night Lights fame. They set a date for November 5, and he’s staying on this list ’til he takes that long walk down the aisle.

9. Ashley Cole
93560 1276616240 Cristiano Ronaldo, A Rod Plus 8 More Of The Biggest Players On And Off The Field
Better days for Ashley and Cheryl Cole. Photo: @ GirlsAloudMedia, twitpic

Arguably, the only place more fascinated with celebrity than the US is across the pond. The appetite UK-ers have for knowing what goes on behind the closed doors of the rich and famous is voracious and footballer Ashley Cole is happy to comply with an endless barrage of tabloid-ready happenings. The Chelsea player was married to British TV personality and Girls Aloud member Cheryl Cole, but that didn’t keep him from bedding other ladies including secretary Vicki Gough. The divorce cincher though was probably all of the X-rated pics and raunchy messages he was sexting to other ladies.

10. Mike Comrie

Hillary Duff and Mike Comrie Got Engaged. Video: YouTube

We’re not saying a guy can’t have an ex but when that ex is reality star and B-list actress Kristin Cavallari and his current fianc is former teen Disney queen Hillary Duff, we start to get suspicious. Given that Mike Comrie plays for the Edmonton Oilers he’s obviously had to go out of his way to land himself some starlets, and when you’re that involved in the game, you are, in fact, a player.

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