Ain’t No Criminal: The Most Memorable Fiona Apple Looks

Liz Doupnik

Bleeding heart songstresses beware: Fiona Apple is officially back and more melancholic than ever – in a good way. With the release of her single ‘Every Single Night’ after a lengthy hiatus, the poignant anti-popster is totally proving that she hasn’t lost her touch in the time past. Another thing: homegirl still looks amazing.

We can’t forget the first time we saw her ‘Criminal’ music video as we enjoyed our afternoon snack after a tough day in fourth grade. We may not have grown up with the Britney and Christina as marvels to look up to, but Fiona definitely made an impact, making us feel completely OK as we embarked on some serious tweenage angst.

So as we listen to her new tune on repeat, we’re digging into our lingerie drawer and grabbing the closest plum lipstick and channeling the 1990s like whoa. We love how this unexpected style icon left her Dr. Marten wearing footprint behind on the grunge movement almost unbeknownst to her. We’re suckers for a pretty face with a brain, what can we say?

Click through the slideshow to check out some of Fiona’s top looks throughout the years!