A Creme De Menthe Cookies Recipe You Need to Try This Weekend


Neurotic Baker

I seem to be going through a phase of cleaning out my cupboards, and this time I found yet another bag of Andes baking chips. I was staring at the bag contemplating what I was going to make with the chips, when I noticed a recipe on the back of the package. I almost never try the recipes on half of the products I buy, so I decided to start today. I made Andes Crème de Menthe Chunk Cookies.

I assumed the directions were going to be like most cookies recipes: cream butter and sugar, add eggs and vanilla, mix dry ingredients, add chunks and bake. This recipe was a little different. You combine the baking soda and baking powder with the eggs, butter, sugar and chips, then add dry ingredients, chill, shape and bake.


Neurotic Baker

Before I chilled the dough, it was already pretty dry and I was curious to know if it was going to hold together before baking. Surprisingly it did. I formed the dough into balls as instructed and flattened them slightly.

You only need to bake them for about eight minutes and let them sit on the pan for an additional two minutes. The cookies were very pale and they seemed dry, so I had serious doubts about this recipe.

They were better than they looked. They were crunchy on the outside, but soft on the inside, which is exactly what I want in a cookie. The only thing I would pull back on is the mint chips. I would use maybe half the bag instead of the whole bag. These were some very minty cookies—even more than Thin Mints!

I would love for someone try this recipe and give me your feedback. I’m very curious to know what you think!



½ cup salted butter, softened
¾ cup dark brown sugar
½ cup white sugar
1 teaspoon baking soda
1 teaspoon baking powder
2 teaspoons vanilla
2 eggs
1 package (10oz) Andes Crème de Menthe Baking Chips
2 2/3 cup sifted all purpose flour


  1. Beat butter, sugars, baking soda, baking powder, vanilla and eggs until mixed.
  2. Stir in baking chips then flour. Chill approximately one hour in refrigerator.
  3. Measure out approximately 1oz dough.
  4. Form ball and slightly flatten.
  5. Raise oven rack one level above middle and bake on non-stick baking pans.
  6. Bake at 350 ° for approximately 8–10 minutes.
  7. Cool on pans for two minutes before removing.


Cheryl Vivian is a neurotic baker who came to D.C. via Detroit, Chicago, and New York City. She likes to get nerdy about baking, and there are at least two dozen eggs, four pounds of butter, and a quart of buttermilk in her fridge at all times. She doesn’t cry over burnt cookies, sunken cakes, or tough pie dough, but she will try (and try) until it’s just right. Cheryl loves to blend new trends with traditional recipes and believes that everything is better with a pinch of salt. Follow along on Instagram at @cherylvivian.