Take A Look At The New Creepy (But Awesome) Snow White Art Show

Jessica Rubin

 Take A Look At The New Creepy (But Awesome) Snow White Art ShowSnow White is having more of a moment than Isabel Marant high-top sneakers. There are not one, but two Snow White films coming out this year (Mirror Mirror and Snow White and the Huntsman) with major stars appearing in both versions. Which worked out perfectly for artist Camille Rose Garcia, who has composed a set of watercolors based on the original, darker version of Snow White, which appeared in the collection of Brothers Grimm fairy tales.

The works definitely have a cartoon-like aesthetic, and we love the contrast between the classic story and the edgy colors Garcia uses throughout her compositions. For those of you who love these Snow White paintings but can’t make it to the Michael Kohn Gallery in Los Angeles, the pieces can also be found in a brand new illustrated edition of the Brothers Grimm fairytales.

 Take A Look At The New Creepy (But Awesome) Snow White Art Show

Here at the StyleCaster office, we’re all about the visual, so we love that old stories that have been passed down for generations are receiving some new creative attention. With the increasing accessibility we all have to designers, filmmakers and authors comes an emphasis on exploring the root of your own artistic process. And Garcia’s series of paintings are a perfect example of that (which might just be one of the reasons we love them so much).

What do you think of Camille Rose Garcia’s take on the Snow White tale? Let us know in the comments section below!


Photo: The Hollywood Reporter

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