What a 7-Year-Old Thinks About Creatures of the Wind Spring 2014


We’re pretty confident the headline you just read pretty much tells you everything you need to know about what’s to come.  Just in case you’re still unclear, however, here’s a primer: Every day during New York Fashion Week, we decided to ask a real person—i.e., one that doesn’t work in or follow fashion—to share their thoughts on a particular look from any given runway show.

Why? Because sometimes it’s key to remind ourselves that the world doesn’t revolve around coats, Céline, and Carine.

First up: Kayla Sponaugle, the 7-year-old niece of StyleCaster’s managing editor. We emailed Kayla a look from Creatures of the Wind Spring 2014, and here’s what she had to say about it.

Hi Kayla! What do you think of this outfit?
I like it. The skirt has, um, details and the shirt perfectly matches with the shoes. The skirt looks okay. It sort of looks like mixed-up flowers.

What’s a Creature of the Wind?
Birds and stuff.

Where do you think this girl is going?
Well, the shirt kind of looks like a bowling ball shirt, so I think she’s heading to the bowling ball alley.

What would you add to the outfit from your own closet to make it better?
If I had my ears pierced right now, I’d put on sparkly silver earrings, a sparkly silver necklace, and a sparkly silver bracelet to go with it all. Also, I have blue, purple, and grey sparkly nail polish.

How would you make this outfit better on the model?
We could put a silver sparkly headband with a blue bow on it in her hair.

What type of fashion is your favorite?
I wear my Crocs shoes all the time but that doesn’t mean that I love them. There’s actually a shirt that I got for Christmas that I like. It’s a brown long-sleeved shirt with a pink sparkly horse on it. I like it because it has sparkles and I like horses. I mean, like, horses may not be my favorite animal—I don’t know what is my favorite animal, but I do like horses.

Would you ever wear this outfit? Why?
If it was in my size. I like the sparkles.

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