Think You’re Super-Creative on Instagram? This New Video Proves Otherwise

Julie Gerstein

We’d all like to believe that we’re special flowers, leaving our unique imprints on the world via social media, but a new video by Netherlands-based videographer Thomas Julien proves otherwise. Julien mashed together nearly 900 Instagram photos taken from hundreds of strangers to show that though we may not know each other, we all tend to see the world in the same way when Instagram is involved.

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The two-minute clip mashes together disparate users’ photos of iconic places like the Empire State Building and the Arc de Triomphe, to show how alike we are in our desire to capture and chronicle our special moments. And that yes, everybody loves taking photos of their own feet.

“Instagram is an incredible resource for all kinds of images. I wanted to create structure out of this chaos,” said Julien.

Check out the video below and let us know: Have you taken the same photos?