20 Creative Things to Do With a Mason Jar

Kristen Bousquet
20 Creative Things to Do With a Mason Jar
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For those of us who are on a budget or just love being crafty, DIY projects are basically the bomb. Finding cheap items and repurposing them is both fun and rewarding. Some of the DIY projects we’ve been into lately involve mason jars.

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We all either have them sitting around for some reason or walk by a pack of them whenever we walk into a grocery store. These cheap and versatile little jars can cater to anyone’s DIY style whether you love a shabby chic vintage look or something really simple, clean and modern. Luckily, we have sites like Pinterest that can show us some amazing DIY projects involving mason jars that can spice up the look of our homes, the gifts we gift out on holidays or the decor at the parties we throw.

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We’ve scoured Pinterest and found 20 of the most creative DIY projects on the web involving mason jars. Click on the slideshow above to check them out!

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