Why On Earth Is TikTok Trying To Make Creamy Lemonade A Thing?

Bella Gerard
Why On Earth Is TikTok Trying To Make Creamy Lemonade A Thing?
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Another day, another perfectly good food ruined for me by TikTok chefs. I’m so serious! I feel like I’m always watching people create strange and unexpected concoctions on my For You Page—and no matter how foul they sound, they always swear they’re amazing. Today’s instance just so happens to be creamy lemonade. For some reason, those two words just feel so wrong together. Talk about forbidden fruit!

That’s not to say that all of TikTok’s innovative beverages are bad, though. Remember whipped coffee a million years ago at the start of quarantine? That shit was fluffy and delightful! Which is why I totally understand users’ urge to find the summertime equivalent, but I just don’t think creamy lemonade can be that girl.

Apparently I’m in the minority, though, because there are tons of videos of people trying it out. The first I saw was from May 20 from @hayzeegirldesigns, but the trend really took off this month, with users like @feelgoodfoodie getting millions of views and thousands of comments shouting yay or nay (I, for one, am shouting nay).

Here’s the thing: If I wanted an especially textured lemon beverage, I would let some lemon sorbet melt and then slurp it slushie-style. But this creamy lemonade isn’t just thick, it’s sweet. “This is lemonade on another level!” captioned feelgoodgoodie on her recipe. “Just add sweetened condensed milk to your lemonade recipe and enjoy!”

Yup. Sweetened condensed milk. Like the kind used for baking or making caramel. I know we’ve had a rough year or so, but what is wrong with society these days? And more importantly, how does this not create curdled, sour chunks?!

When I say I watch every single recipe video just waiting for someone to hate it, I’m not lying. I’m also patiently waiting for Lizzo (musical icon and queen of trying weird TikTok recipes) to share her thoughts—if she likes it, then and only then will I consider making it myself.

“I was totally intrigued by the thought of using condensed milk with lemonade…but oddly it works!” says Instagram user @heirloomexplorer. “It tastes just like a melted lemon creamsicle.” I admit that that sounds nice, but I just don’t know if I can stomach pouring the condensed milk in. I think I need someone else to make it for me to truly give it a fair shot.

Oh—and I’ll need them to booze it up, naturally. TikTok user @thebartenderbish created what looks to me to be the most appealing version on the app, adding Rumchata Limon instead of condensed milk to get the same frothy texture. She even added a splash of grenadine and, to be honest, it actually looked delish.

That said, I just don’t think creamy lemonade is in the cards for me this summer. I’ll stick to classic lemonade, fun cocktails and the occasional smoothie when I want something thicker. If you disagree, then it’s time to grab some condensed milk and go support your neighborhood lemonade stand. Godspeed.

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