Crazed Lady Gaga Fan Buys Her Old Acrylic Nail For $12,000

Spencer Cain

Last week, a rather bizarre—and certainly unique—piece hit the auction block: A black and gold acrylic nail that was worn by Lady Gaga onstage. Naturally, a crew member who was tidying up the stage following her gig in Dublin on her Born This Way Ball tour back in 2012 scooped it up when he noticed it had fallen off the pop star’s finger.
The nail was listed on, which noted that it was designed by nail artist Aya Fukuda. The package also came with a photo of Gaga performing—with one missing fingernail, to prove the piece’s authenticity. Initial bids were in the $1,000 range—but The Daily Mail now reports that it has officially sold for a whopping $12,000. Why buy a Birkin when you can have a fingernail?
Obviously, many people think this is freaky. No matter how much you love a celebrity, wanting their nails in your house is a bit overkill. However, Rob Weisberg, the CEO of Artfact, feels differently. “As a leading pop icon of our times, a style leader, and a highly influential cultural figure on a global scale, this piece of Lady Gaga’s personal style could appeal to both passionate collectors of pop culture relics or one of Gaga’s Monsters—the name she’s given to her notoriously loyal fan base,” he stated. “This item is expected to have broad appeal from Lady Gaga’s ardent fans who want something personal for their collection.”
Whether or not its appeal was “broad,” it apparently exists. There’s no word as to who actually splashed out five figures for the item, but we’re happy for the lucky crew member who smartly snagged it.
What do you think—is this the most ridiculous thing you’ve ever heard of someone spending money on?

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