Cover Wars: StyleCaster Vs. DanniJo

Liz Doupnik

One of the things we love most about our jobs at StyleCaster is that we get to work with awesome colleges and universities who are breeding the next generation of designers, entrepreneurs, and editors. Of course, as any student, recent grad or just regular joe-schmo knows at this point, getting a job (and one that you actually like for that matter), is almost as competitive as winning X Factor.

FIT’s newspaper, W27 featured our founding fathers, Ari and David Goldberg on the cover last issue. Now here’s the kicker, this issue’s cover features DanniJo’s CEOS, the Snyder sisters.

Is it getting hot in here or is just us? Obviously, we’re a little biased, so you tell us, do the StyleCaster boys make better covergirls or do the Snyder girls charm your socks off? Tweet at who you think kills it the most!

StyleCaster: @StyleCaster

DanniJo: @DanniJo