Cover War: Beyoncé Versus Christina Aguilera on W

Kerry Pieri

As an avid lover of all things Beyonc related and not so much in the X-tina (although, I suppose, if we’re talking alter egos I should refer to Beyonce as Shasha Fierce, but I digress), I admit that the coming cover war is going to be slightly biased, but I’m going to try my best to remain an impartial, objective judge.

W‘s “Music & Style” issue hits newsstands June 21, so the images are the result of fashion-obsessed Internet leakers, and I love them for it. The Beyonc wears sheer blouses and a lot of Givenchy and Marc Jacobs in the issue and on the cover. Girl loves her accessories, so she has on a hat, statement earrings, and a ring but you still manage to only want to look at her insanely perfect face.

Christina is looking way natural and angelic (for Christina), so I appreciate that. We all know she’s not afraid of leather assless chaps. In the spirit of continuing to show off her ass, the singer has only some draped white silk and red roses for coverage. Her hair looks very cool and overall Aguilera looks very pretty.

In conclusion, I’m giving the cover war win to Christina. Surprise! I think it has the ability to garner more buzz and it’s more original. Either way, I really want to see the piece referenced on the cover entitled, “Karl Lagerfeld in the Tub.”

[AfterLD and ONTD via The Cut]

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