Cover It Up (Your Gadget, That Is) With Incase for Warhol


Here at StyleCaster we always advise our readers to use protection, and that motto certainly extends to the realm of technology. And while yours truly is on team Blackberry till the end, I can’t help but ogle the new Incase for Andy Warhol collection featuring iPhone, iPad, and laptop cases emblazoned with some of the late artist cum pop culture icon’s most eye catching silkscreen designs.

Warhol was always one to push the envelope and question what makes art: known to carry an audio recorder he nicknamed his “wife” as well as a bevy of still and video cameras to document round the clock weirdness at his world-renowned Factory, his recent collaboration with Incase celebrates the Warholian drive to utilize modern technology in the arts. Velvet Underground fans and epicureans alike will be happy to see the famed banana peel album art grace the front of a laptop sleeve, but the low key gangster in me is really feeling the iPhone case covered in dollar signs. Shop the whole collection at the Incase e-store.