A British Woman Collected Designer Couture Dresses for 70 Years, and Never Wore Them

Meghan Blalock

In news that will thrill fashion hoarders everywhere, an incredible collection—spanning more than 70 years!—of designer couture pieces was discovered in the home of the recently deceased British woman Vervia Todd. And better yet: most of the dresses, separates, and hats she stored for so long are in perfect condition, because they were completely unworn.

Todd lost her husband in her early 20s to the events of World War II, and after overcoming her devastation, she never remarried. She lived with her father until he died, and after that she lived totally alone—except for her clothes. Every year she would take a major trip abroad, fill a suitcase with new clothing and accessories, and then store the items in her home. She seemingly never wore most of the pieces she seemed to treasure so much.

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When Todd passed away a year ago at the age of 92, the contents of her home were uncovered—including one dress that was apparently found stuffed up the chimney—and now they’ve all been properly packaged up to sell. The asking price for the entire collection is around $165,000.

Check out some of the pieces below (modeled by British journalist Emma Pearson)!

Photos Courtesy of North News & Pictures

designer couture collection

designer couture collection 2

designer couture collection 3