Courtside Queens: NBA Sideline Style Stars

Spencer Cain
Courtside Queens: NBA Sideline Style Stars
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Of all the team sports, basketball is my favorite to watch. Not only is it fast-paced, entertaining and just generally fun, it also tends to draw the biggest celebrity fanbase. Whether someone is sitting courtside supporting their man, or just there for the overall thrill of it all, the pictures of the stars on the sidelines are sometimes as entertaining as the game itself.

Being as last night was not just the Oscars, but also the 2012 NBA All Star Game, I decided it was time for me to commemorate some of my favorite beauties who take to the stadiums. Oh, and the ladies I’ve featured in the above gallery don’t exactly wear jerseys and sweats. They sport $3,000 shoes and carry the most coveted handbags in all of the land, and I can’t get enough of it.

Click through to learn how you should really be dressing when you’re hitting a basketball game!

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Beyoncé made some waves last week when she appeared at a basketball game for her first post-baby date night with her hubby Jay-Z.  However, this look from last year is my favorite Beyoncé courtside moment of all. This is exactly how I would want to dress. Slim jeans, a simple top, and Christian Louboutin Daffodil pumps decked out in Swarovski crystals. 

Khloé Kardashian is sort of the ultimate courtside wife, and she knows how to play the part. Sparkles, sparkles, and more sparkles characterize her outfits, and like Beyoncé, she has a predilection for sky-high Louboutins. 

Oh, and did I mention she has a purple Birkin that matched her hubby Lamar Odom's team, the Lakers, colors? Now that he's been traded to the Dallas Mavericks, she has been rocking her lime green Birkin a little bit more. 

When Kim Kardashian was still being courted by Kris Humphries, her most valuable photo ops occurred on the, well, court! Kim was slightly less subtle than the rest, opting for an outrageous fur and a caramel Birkin. However, she retains the signature sideline style of a slim, dark pant and a simple top. 

When avid basketball fan Chloë Sevigny hits up a game, she does so in her signature East Village style. Here she is in an all-black outfit with a pop of color in her leopard skirt. I like. 

Some people go bolder than usual. Anna Wintour opted for an almost obscenely bright ensemble, but still managed to look impossibly chic. Again, I recommend keeping it simple. 

If this isn't the best photograph you've ever seen than I don't know what is. Victoria Beckham and Eva Longoria (playing with baby Harper) were all about black -- and also looking just plain HOT. 

Rihanna's courtside style is a perfect mix of simple and funky. Here, she pairs a racy blouse with classic stilettos -- and knocks it out of the park. (Oops, wrong sport. I was too busy being distracted by her insane hair -- which I miss, BTW.)

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