Courtney Love’s Thoughts on Saint Laurent’s $2,000 Trench Coat: Meh

Meghan Blalock

courtney love saint laurent 2

I guess when you hire Courtney Love as a face for your brand, you likely do so with the understanding that she might speak her mind at some point, and that you might not particularly like it. In a recent sit-down with Vanity Fair, Love spoke up about Hedi Slimane’s latest grunge-themed collection for Saint Laurent, and we wouldn’t exactly call her words flattering.

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“I’ve seen the clothes—I haven’t worn them,” Love says. “They seem really well-made. It is kind of ironic that you can get a trench coat at Value Village [thrift stores] for $19.99 today or you could wait another month and go to Bergdorf and buy Hedi’s houndstooth trench coat for $2,000. It’s fine. But referencing me is weird because I never wore Dr. Martens.”

So, to Love, whether it’s a designer trench or a thrifted one, it’s basically the same. That kind of makes sense, considering her grunge background and her penchant for going against “the man,” so to speak.

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She did have one nice thing to say about Slimane’s work, which VF writer Julie Miller refers to as “neo-grunge.” “Hedi’s collection [for Saint Laurent]? I think he got it right,” she says. Whew. At least there’s that. Head over to Vanity Fair to read the rest of the juicy conversation (and hear Courtney obsess over Etsy, her favorite website, on which she said she’s known to spend six figures!)